Angel is a Utah native and has lived in many parts of the state. When she and her husband Mitchell were looking for their home, they chose Millcreek.

A life-long activist, Angel currently serves on the board for the Women’s State Legislative Council as well as the Women’s Democratic Club of Utah. She has a deep pioneer heritage and is a graduate of the University of Utah.

While she has never considered running for public office personally, she has worked on numerous campaigns for others over the years. She has also been active in pushing legislation both locally and in other parts of our country. In the late 80s, Angel volunteered with Greenpeace on the “Water for Life” campaign in Louisiana and worked with the Downwinders to put an end to the nuclear test site in Nevada.

As a politically active Millcreek resident, she has grown concerned about the current perspective directing our city’s future. As traffic piles up on 9th East, especially at 33rd South and 39th South, as the density of housing is squeezed into the tightest nooks adding more cars in our already over-run intersections, as the amount of green space diminishes for our children and neighborhoods on the west end of town, growth factors beyond our city’s taxable base need to be considered.

As Mayor, Angel will take a stand to improve our quality of living by ensuring the increase and improvement of our green spaces. Much of our city’s zoning is inherited from Salt Lake County and wasn’t planned with the consideration for a stand-alone community. Understanding the impact of what is wanted and needed, not just what has been zoned, is crucial to the long-term success of our nascent city. The Green New Deal isn’t just a conversation for Washington, it’s a conversation we need to start at the here at home to push the agenda nationwide.

Millcreek is a nascent city. In our inception, we get to write our origin story. We get to create a future worth living into. Millcreek City can have the reputation where the arts thrive, where our motto “Connected By Nature” means we are stewards of the land by honoring and caring for the natural wonders that surround us, where we create sustainable and healthy living and working environments for ourselves and our neighbors.

Angel's Vision

  • Committed to being a mayor for everyone
  • Committed to transparency and accountability
  • Committed to amplifying and empowering the artistic voice of Millcreek
  • Committed to sustainability, green solutions and 100% renewable energy

Angel's Accomplishments

  • Currently works for youth services as an advocate for children in state custody
  • On the board for Women’s Democratic Club and Women’s State Legislative Council
  • A sixth-generation Utahn with deep ties to the community
  • Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah and has spent her life creating and supporting art