Millcreek as a new arts community

Millcreek City may be young, but it already has decades of history and residents that are proud to call it home.  We have an opportunity to decide its destiny and fortify the community we already have here.  Angel Vice received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah and has spent her life creating and supporting the arts.  She believes strongly in the importance of accessibility to the arts for all members of the community.  She will transform Millcreek into a recognized arts community where music, dance, and all forms of art are celebrated, and people gather to experience vitality and joy.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS and Mathematics) instruction in the education system will help students leave school well-rounded and with the skills they need to improve the world.  Angel will fight for STEAM education in our schools because she believes all of our youth deserve exposure to the arts and the ability to express themselves fully.

As this city continues to develop and we make room for more stores, shopping centers, and infrastructure, Angel will also create spaces for people to come together and share in the creativity that prospers in Millcreek.  Not only will community members gather to experience, but others will be drawn to the beauty we’ll create here.