Campaign Financing

Let’s talk campaign finance. Currently in Millcreek there is no limit as to how much anyone can donate to a political candidate. I don’t think that’s a good policy. It leaves our city wide open to the highest bidder. Also in Millcreek financial records of any given candidate aren’t posted until one week before the election. That is problematic given that many people have already cast their ballots by the time the information concerning who is paying how much to any given candidate is available. What ever happens with this election we need to change this policy and reform our campaign finance regulations.

With this current election you can see that my opponent has spent $55,417.05 so far. I have spent $7,345.75. You can also see that my donations are all from individuals with the two exceptions of The Women’s Democratic Club of Utah and The Stonewall Democrats of Utah. When I vote I do my homework and look up who is giving money to the candidates. I learn a lot that way. When I look over my opponents record I see things like:

  • Reagan Outdoor Advertising $12,213
  • ITF UPFTFC LLC, Scottsdale AZ $2,000
  • SL Board of Realtors $2,000
  • Love Communications $600
  • Woodbury Corp $2,500
  • Cottonwood Residential$5,000
  • CC&L Enterprises $1,000
  • Cottonwood Title $500
  • Yacoel 2011 Partners $1,000
  • Utah Values PAC $500