Conservation and environmentalism

As Millcreek continues to develop and grow, Angel recognizes the importance of taking care of the environment in which we live.  She believes we need a planning commission that will bring more vegetation into our neighborhoods, especially for the many multiplex housing units in the valley that may lack green space.  Angel will work to develop parks and community gardens so that everyone has access to these green spaces.  To reduce our water use, she advocates the use of native plants and grasses that are drought tolerant and more friendly to our desert home.

Angel also recognizes that climate change is one of the most critical challenges facing our society today.  Even at a local level, she will fight for alternatives that have a lasting impact; green roofs and green infrastructure are just a couple of solutions that can be implemented here.  Old houses can be remodeled instead of rebuilt to both preserve the history of the neighborhood and reduce waste and vegetation destruction.  She will also advocate for additional access to public transportation, including a Trax line up 3900 South.

As mayor, Angel is committed to updating zoning and building codes to insure we create communities that are both beautiful and sustainable so that future generations will be able to enjoy the natural beauty we all love.