The concern over traffic flow as we increase the density of housing in our community is a major talking point with everyone I visit.

Our community is rapidly growing, and we need to match that growth with an infrastructure that can handle our developing city.  The anticipation of active transportation growing significantly is what I am concerned about and what I intend to keep a close eye on. I have seen a pattern of developers requesting zoning changes to fit a lot more people/homes into a space than it is currently zoned for. These potential density increases will have an enormous impact on traffic and need to be considered when voting “Yes” or “No” for a development to proceed.

I am asking to be your First Choice on the ranked-choice ballot. I would love to hear from you about what’s important to you as a Millcreek resident and how I can earn your vote.

Please feel free to call me at 801-699-6773 or email me at with your comments and concerns about your quality of life in Millcreek.

If you’re concerned that Millcreek is at a crossroads, and you want your voice to be part of the solutions addressing community problems like the daily traffic mess, or the very air we breathe becoming toxic, I will be the public servant who will always put my community first!  

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