I am a stand for creating a future worth living into.

I’m deeply invested in our community:  I am a homeowner, my children have attended Skyline High School, and we chose to live in Millcreek because we love it! I work for SL County Youth Services, my job is to help improve the lives of children in our valley.  My life has been and will be devoted to, the betterment of our society, and in particular, our very own community.   

Our city’s motto is “Connected to Nature”.  As a board member of the Millcreek Arts Council, I would like to add ‘the arts’ to that motto. In Millcreek, nature and the canyons are our backyards.  We must be part of the conversation and the solution for the problems which affect our environment.  I have been fighting for environmental protection for 40 years, bringing this experience to our city.

Even at a local level, we need to fight for alternatives that have a lasting impact; green roofs and green infrastructure are just a couple of solutions that can be implemented here.  Old houses can be remodeled instead of rebuilt to preserve the neighborhood’s history and reduce waste and vegetation destruction. 

I am committed to honoring zoning and building codes to ensure we keep communities that are both beautiful and sustainable so that future generations will be able to enjoy the natural beauty we all love.

I believe strongly in the importance of accessibility to the arts for all members of the community.  I am a stand for transforming Millcreek into a recognized arts community where music, dance, and all forms of art are celebrated, and people gather to experience vitality and joy. 

As this city continues to develop and we make room for more stores, shopping centers, and infrastructure, I will also create spaces for people to come together and share in the creativity that prospers in Millcreek.  Not only will community members gather to experience, but others will be drawn to the beauty we’ll create here.

I am committed to transparency in our government and will listen and respond to all members of the community to make Millcreek a city for all its people – because I believe we are at our best when we care for and protect everyone living in our city.

My name is Angel Vice. My email address is hello@millcreekangel.com and my phone number is 801-699-6773. I look forward to listening to what’s important to you and creating an origin story for Millcreek which future generations will be proud of.